Rob Lyon: Growing up as the son of a baker I could think of nothing more in life than going to work each day and eating cakes and cookies but my real love I discovered in high school was physics. I went to university to study physics but switched to computer science and fell in love all over again. Then I discovered the military. What a game changer that was. I joined the Navy as a junior officer and started sailing the seven seas. Soon I was a weapons officer and that meant missiles. I put my computer science background to work and for the next twenty years programmed missile control systems, I was a rocket scientist! It’s all about the software, the chemistry hasn’t changed in 40 years. I also got married, had 5 children, and completed a Masters Degree in Digital Technologies.
I am a passionate person who has always stayed busy. I loved my children and became a scoutmaster, volunteering for 20 years serving in Cubs, Scouts, and Ventures. As you can see in my picture, I am one with nature; scouting taught me the importance of preserving our environment. In 2004 I started building houses; in 2015 I started studying building science and in 2017 I learned about the Passive House standard; I had a new passion.